Why do big e-commerce players keep advertising smoothly while you struggle with account bans?

The answer is: they are using strong, high-quality ad accounts created and validated directly by agency partners.

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We are one of the largest traffic hubs in the world, providing advertisers in over 30 countries with premium global traffic.

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Fundree represents the leading digital media platforms across the globe with a focus on social media.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Agency Accounts
Having issues while testing or scaling your ads can be a nightmare, let us make sure it won’t for you.
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Google Merchant Center Accs
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Tiktok Agency Accounts
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Run Worldwide Ads
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Cashback opportunity
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How do we work.

We can provide traffic, support and training in two cooperation models:


As an established brand with a clean business manager and a marketing team, you're already managing your advertising campaign. To help you run them more effectively, we'll open enterprise accounts for you, provide training and support for your own media buying team, and give you full control over the campaigns. You'll have an experienced partner to assist you throughout the process.

Managed service

Are you running out of business managers to advertise due to accumulated restrictions and bot mistakes? Don't worry, our team has got you covered. We strive to help you reach your KPIs by setting up an entire advertising infrastructure hosted in our software including business manager, enterprise ad accounts and more. This will enable your team to work on multiple enterprise accounts simultaneously, anywhere in the world.
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Our services include.

Say goodbye to banned ad accounts and spending limits. With premium ad accounts, you can run successful advertising campaigns, increase conversion rates, and boost your numbers!

Full advertising infrastructure

Run multiple stores
Ring-fence your distinct brands
Capture key audiences
Research competitors

Enterprise level ad account

No daily spending limit
Unlimited unblocking
Quality compliance check
Grow ad placements

Direct contact to FB reps

24/7 hour support
Domain whitelisting
Ad audits
Customer success

Free consultation

Free consultation sessions with expert media buyer
Better ROAs
Automate tracking and storefront creation
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Forget about blackhat or policy issues. Our custom deals enable any business to purchase premium traffic and achieve ROI, regardless of the product. We specialize in:

Case Studies.

Preparing for Mass Retargeting

As the CEO of a perfume brand, I recently worked with my team to book the biggest influencer in the US for a 2-day promotion. To make the most of the visibility offered, I enlisted the help of the Fundree team. They provided me with access to high-spend traffic sources and helped me set up a massive retargeting budget in a short period of time. Additionally, they gave me back-up access to take emergency action in case of account suspension during this crucial period. Thanks to these efforts, I was able to sell an additional $750,000 worth of merchandise in the weeks following the promotion through my remarketing campaigns.

Nabil, CEO of a perfume brand.

Tracking the Progress of a Group of Students

As an e-commerce coach, I need quick access to my 300+ students' campaigns in case they contact me for advice. The team at Fundree set up the infrastructure so that I could easily access and review my students' advertising accounts. With this capability, I can advise my students in just two clicks. Thanks to this feature, I have been able to consolidate my student base and attract new students through word of mouth.

Alex, e-commerce coach

Saving Thousands of Dollars in FX Fees

As the CFO of a shoe brand, I have expanded our brand and stores to multiple countries where I deal with different currencies. I receive payouts in various currencies in my multi-currency account. However, I was only able to spend in one currency on my single ad account, resulting in high FX fees for my bank cards.

Fundree stepped in and set me up with one ad account per market in the respective currencies. This allowed me to use the funds I collected in each market to funnel directly back into the ads, avoiding thousands of dollars in FX fees.

Fanny, CFO of a shoe brand.

Clients' Account Access from Anywhere

Our agency manages around 30 clients, and our team is spread across the world. To access all of our clients' accounts from a centralized platform and to be able to open them from different locations without triggering the security alerts installed by default on all platforms, we needed Fundree's software. Fundree also provided us with a centralized billing system in a single currency, allowing us to efficiently top up all of our clients' advertising budgets on a regular basis.

Ahmed, founder of a German media buying agency.

Developing a Face Cream Brand in Multiple Markets

I sought advice from Fundree on how to launch my face cream brand in several countries while dealing with different teams for multilingual and local customer service. The solution they provided was to give each agent access to their respective area via multiple profiles. This compartmentalization of operations has increased internal security and customer satisfaction. It is also easier to schedule campaigns thanks to a time zone setup tailored to the markets in which I sell.

Maxime, owner of several ecom brands.

Launching a Cryptocurrency Platform in an Unregulated Country

We have been preparing to launch our Web 3 Crypto Neobank for several months. However, the main advertising platforms require a crypto license from the regulator of the country where we are based. Unfortunately, Switzerland is still working on its legal framework, so it has not yet started licensing crypto companies on its soil. To overcome this obstacle, Fundree conducted a full audit of our business and set up a customized solution with Meta and Google. Thanks to this solution, we can acquire a huge number of leads while complying with each platform's requirements.

Bastien, co-founder of a Crypto Neobank.

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