How to use Fundree

for affiliate

Affiliate marketing is highly scalable, but there is one obstacle: account management. Platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram have ever-more sophisticated ways of detecting multiple accounts, meaning everything could be banned in an instant – unless you plan ahead. This is where Fundree is your secret weapon.

Everything you need to scale.

Grow your

Massively grow your advertising reach with unlimited accounts.

Stop bans &

Avoid account bans with the best browser fingerprint tech and agency accounts.


Capture and recapture more traffic through multi-channel campaigns.

right now

Scale fast without increasing your infrastructure or team investment.

Running multiple accounts and get a greater reach.

Separate accounts for each product or domain, build your authority without diluting it with another domain. Getting multiple accounts dedicated to the same domain means you have more opportunities to capture and retrieve the same traffic and eventually make sales.
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